Let’s see, can you honestly come up with a good reason to hate her or is just the trendy mistrust that has permeated throughout the media and the people. Most people do not have good reasons for the mistrust other than what Fox News and related republican driven sources have perpetuated.

Her emails are the biggest reason people give for hating her. So she used a private email. Nothing bad came of it. She admitted to wrongdoing and knows she won’t make that mistake again. So let he who has done no wrong cast the first stone. And let me just mention, what she did using a private email server is something that plenty of others have done, even some of those who are condoning her for it. But if people can find a reason to hate on her in particular or find anything to pick on her for, they will while refusing to notice anything good that she has done. Karoli Kuns on Crooks & Liars makes a good point about Hillary and recommends everyone actually read her emails where you may discover that she is a very intelligent and caring public servant “with a firm grasp on reality and policy.”

Next people want to point out Benghazi. Well, 8 investigations have been done, more by the way then any issue ever in history because republicans really want to spend the American money to find something, anything against her. But they haven’t found any wrongdoing on her part. And I’m not playing the “woman card” here, but seriously, no man in her position who was part of making decisions have EVER been questioned so much over an issue. And yes, there are plenty of men who have made even bigger mistakes and haven’t been questioned (see article on Benghazi & Hillary here). So people, get over it! She has been proven innocent and as far as I know by the laws of our country, the trial is over!

Why else do you hate her. Oh, let me think about the reasons people I know have told me. “I can’t stand to look at her”, “her voice is so shrill”, “she’s a Clinton and I don’t trust them”, “she’s a politician and I am sick of them.”

Do you know all of the good things she has done? Her service has helped women, children, families and Americans in general. Her good choices, her good deeds, her good service, far outweighs the hyped up bad stuff.

It is a trend to want to protest against politicians. It is a trend to hate on Hillary Clinton.

But is voting for Trump the answer? The political system is messed up. But voting for Trump isn’t going to help that system change. He is part of that system worse than any politician ever has been. He buys the system, owes money to, well, we don’t even know who he owes money or favors to. Yes, he has been playing in that system you are hating on his whole life. And now, rather than donating to politicians to get favors, he wants to be the top one so he can make changes in his favor himself. He said it in a debate that he is aware of the ways politicians are “bought” because he was one of the people buying them through donations. So it was clear that he has always paid money into the system to try to get favors. Hello people. What does that mean? He wants to be the top gun in the system so he doesn’t have to pay anyone for “favors”. He can just set into action things that will benefit him and his businesses.

If you want to shake up the political system, then at least pick someone who truly cares about making changes that will help us.

Let go of the hate people. Hillary is a peace maker. She has made mistakes, who hasn’t? But at least Hillary has some humility and admits to her mistakes and tries to be a better person. That is what I do. That is what I teach my children to do. Admit your mistake, learn from it and move forward. So move forward people and look at the candidate you are willing to elect because of your hate. Someone with no humility, someone who lies more then anyone I have ever seen, someone who throws temper tantrums if things don’t go his way or pushes blame to someone else. Cries fowl anytime he doesn’t win. Someone who is more untrustworthy in marriage, in faithfulness, in business dealings, in tax returns, in all aspects of his being, then anyone I have seen. Why would anyone think he could be trusted to be the President of the United States? Democrat/Republican aside, the character of the President has to be considered. Carefully. And Hillary has great character despite any mistakes and the hyped up hate the media has brainwashed into peoples heads.

Think about all of the things you teach your children not to do and then look at the hypocrisy in that by supporting a grown man who does all of them.

Hillary is someone our children and grandchildren can look up to. She is someone who we will be proud to call our President.

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