The issues this year really don’t matter anymore. They don’t! No one cares about them. People pull out issues when it suits their argument, but it is not the determining factor in who you are choosing as your next President.

No, this year, it is all about the hate that has been stirred up and people voting against a candidate rather than for a candidate.

The most important trait that we elect as leader of our country is how they represent themselves to both our people and to other countries. Can they talk to Americans after a tragedy with empathy? Can they talk to parents who have lost children with empathy? Can they negotiate deals with other leaders without insulting them or throwing a temper tantrum? Do they have the focus purely on our country and not their businesses to do what will benefit the people and not the extremely weathly like themselves? Are they respectable and respectful. Do other people like to work with them. Whew, that’s a good question all you Trump supporters should be asking.

When you think about how the President represents you personally as a citizen in this country, the choice is easy.

I know I don’t want a man like Trump representing me.

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