I can’t figure it out. So many people are stuck in this stubborn support of Donald Trump no matter what he does. He can do everything (and has) against what they believe in, and yet, they are still die hard Trump fans.

Christians, this goes out to you.

Have you changed your values and feel that it is ok to blatantly cheat on your wife and marry 3 times? This would not have been ok for any other candidate EVER in history.

Is it ok to blatantly lie? I know, everyone lies, Hillary has lied, every politician has lied. But come on, seriously, most words that come out of Trumps mouth are PROVEN (by actual videos and recordings) to be lies! He is the biggest liar that we have ever seen. Half of the time, he doesn’t even know the truth and just makes up lies as he goes, even if it is just moments later. I don’t need to go into examples here because they are well documented all over the place.

Isn’t it a Christian attitude to admit to being wrong and apologize and ask for forgiveness when you do something wrong? To my own mother, wasn’t it something you specifically taught us? That we should ask for forgiveness rather than try to deny any wrongdoing? And when you are “found out” and proven to have done wrong, especially then, isn’t it better to fess up and admit your mistake? But apparently, it is ok for Donald Trump because he is above any wrongdoing (even though it is proven).

To everyone out there who is saying they like Trump because he blurts out what he is thinking and speaks his mind. Ok, well, again, to my mother and all other mothers and fathers out there. What? I’m so confused by you liking this! When a child blurts out to grandma that she is old and wrinkly, or ugly because she is missing teeth, or tells your preacher that he has an ugly nose, etc., don’t you discipline that child and tell them that they shouldn’t say things that aren’t nice? I was raised that way and yet my mother and my family all like that Trump speaks his mind and insults people. I am flabbergasted by this and can’t figure it out. Please mom, explain this to me. Because I don’t want to live in a world where people have no restraint and just blurt out anything they want about their mean thoughts, their ugly opinions, their prejudices, and their horrible superiorism.

To everyone who is ok with Trumps superiority complex, I remember a story about another leader with the same. Need I say his name?



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