I am really sick of people saying they don’t trust Hillary Clinton because of Benghazi. This is ridiculous. First of all, this was promoted by Fox News and is the main reason it is so engrained in the public’s head. It has been investigated 8 times, more than any other investigation and they have found no wrongdoing on Hillary’s part. Yet, all of you who can’t let it go think that you know something more because Fox News and Republicans are hyping it up and not letting it go? Let it go!

And if you still want to treat her like she is a horrible person because of Benghazi, first, I’d like to ask you how much you really know about Benghazi (no, not what Fox News has told you, but what you know to be fact unswayed by anyone). I would bet it’s about as much as I knew before writing this article and doing my research. So, let me help you out so that you can have knowledge and not be speaking about something of which you know not.

Other Leaders who were never investigated:
(and let’s keep in minds that many more unmentioned here do exist)

13 Benghazis that Occurred on Bushs Watch

Ronald Reagans Benghazi

A good example of how Fox News sways the public with lies

When Wise Men Attack – a great example of how media can attack an issue rather than defend the complex issues our leaders deal with and tough choices they have to make.

Interesting how this one issue of Benghazi was escalated by the republicans who hate Obama and want to obstruct Hillary running for President. Tough choices were made in a tough situation. We elect our leaders and they appoint people who have intelligence in situations and have to make quick, decisions based on what they know. We may not know everything that they have to deal with. We may not understand the implications of dealing wrongly with other governments. We are not expected to. That is what we trust the leaders of our country to do. Some things might go wrong in any situation. But let he who knows of any President or leader who has never made a decision that was questionable (especially when we are not the ones dealing with the issues), cast the first stone. Otherwise…..

Let it Go!



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