Congratulations to all of you who voted for Trump. You have now elected a con man who has no values, only cares about himself and his own interests, is a narcissist who acts like a 5 year old brat stomping his feet and saying “it’s not fair” and blaming others when he gets caught or doesn’t get his way. THIS is what you have elected as the man in charge of our country, our financial status, our well-being, our safety.

You allowed the news and the media to spew up a hatred in you over a person you knew nothing about and were too filled with that hatred to even spend the time to research the truth. You voted based on one or two issues rather than looking at the lack of integrity and values in the man you just elected. The Hillary emails were ridiculous. But the ultimate and masterful self-promoting salesman (cough con man), knew just how to play into your hands. He knew what you were wanting. He felt your hatred over issues, over the establishment, over media and over Hillary and as any great salesman would do, he played to your desires. You’ve been had.

“Trump is the master of creating a perception that he is successful, when he has used aggressive lawsuits and multiple bankruptcies in attempts to mask huge failures,” said Texas Republican consultant Matt Mackowiak. If you even did a minute of research, you would learn that while Trumps businesses tanked, his masterful salemanship of himself and his brand soared. But none of you did your research on the truth! You still believe he is a good salesman! And you allowed his salesmanship to stir up your hatred for some issue and allowed that to take over your common sense.

Now you have to live with the consequences. Because he has no values, doesn’t have any idea how to relate to your concerns because he has no empathy, and is just a very selfish man. If you look up the definition of narcissist, you will find a picture of their poster boy for the term, Trump.

I’m sure you will all make up excuses for why you voted for Trump in a year or so when everything he promised is going to shit. When the economy is becoming more unbalanced by the rich getting more power and the rest of us just trying to stay afloat. I’m sure you will be just like him and blame everyone else. But there is no excuse. You made your choices. And now you have to live with them. And unfortunately, we all have to live with it.

I was with her because, like my mother taught me as a young child, we should care about others, we should try to help others, and we should not put ourselves above others. Hillary may not have been perfect, but she is an angel compared to Trump. 5, 10, or even 20 years from now, history will look back at this moment and show what a masterful self-promoting con man Trump was and how the American people sucked it all up despite the truth that was thrown in their faces about the kind of man he was. I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I was not one of them. I will be able to tell them that I voted with integrity for someone who wasn’t perfect, but had 30 years of experience and proof that she cared about helping people. I voted for someone who was capable of empathy. I voted for someone who was more than qualified for the job. I voted for someone who has good values and has proven that through her 30 years of service.

You will have to tell your grandchildren that values didn’t matter to you because you had so much hatred in your heart. You will have to defend a selfish con man who stirred up every bad behavior in people. You will have to own up to the fact that you overlooked EVERYTHING horrible about this man to support your hatred or your ONE cause (which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about).

I can sleep soundly knowing I am a person of integrity with good values and I will be able to defend that to my children and grandchildren proudly.

Note about the image: While this image may not be factual, I figured it got your attention the same way Trump does. With lies.


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