Had to relay this response to an article post here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/amy-schumer-holds-nothing-back-in-powerful-message-to-trump-voters_us_58236edfe4b0d9ce6fc07abe

by Brian Murphy and I couldn’t agree more….

I have only ONE demand of my fellow americans who voted for Trump….just one.

For over 8 years I have listed to you whine and complaine and scream and kick every damn day. I have wached as those of us who spend the time to do the research on issues to find out what was REALLY going on as opposed to what we were being TOLD, would blame liberals or democrats or Obama for a problem whe told you was actually a direct result of a GOP policy. “no no” you said, “he GOP loves working class americans and the middle class, everything you say is a lie andthere is no way our leaders say one thing and do another” I watched for over 8 years that no matter what somoene outside your bubble told you, no matter how much evidence there ws to support it, you just refused to believe anything a liberal told you and remained convinced of every single line your leaders told you about who was to blame for what you are mad about.

For 8 years you have had one excuse after another, but really it wsa always the same excuse…Liberals and Obama. FOR EIGHT DAMN YEARS you have whined “If the GOP could just win the White HOuse and get rid of the Liberal obstruction we could show you that you are wrong and we are not obstructionists, its liberals. We will show you that we have something better then obamacare and we can bring back those manufactuing jobs and raise the wages of working americans and revive the middle class while making everything better.”

so my ONLY demand of you is SHUT UP!!! you got EVERYTHING you have asked for (and more) you have ALL the power, all the government and even the SCOTUS….SO I DONT WANT TO HEAR A SINGLE ONE OF YOU MENTION OBAMA OR LIBERALS FOR THE NEXT 4 years.
I dont want to hear any BS about how Liberals are ruining america and have been lying to you.

Now its time for you to put your money where you mouths are. NOW YOU HAVE TO GOVERN. and we will see if you were right are if you have been misled…..dont you dare be a coward and try and find another scapegoat, id like to see you all to at least have integrety and honor no matter what happens and so will I.

If it turns out that it ws never Liberals that were the problem, I want to see you admit you mght have been wrong insted of finding some new excuse for why you cant govern or fix what you promised….and if im wrong ill admit it.

It would be the happiest day of my life to admit to you Trump voters that i was completely wrong and Liberals clearly were the problem all along because with the GOP in charge things are much better. It would bring pure joy to me to have to admit i was flat wrong when i said that the GOP has been SAYING they care about fixing the middle class and helping working americans, but they are DOING the opposite by only helping the rich.

I give you my word that if it turns out im wrong ill stnad up like a man and say it. and i will do so gladly because that will mean we are ALL better off….

But if it turns out YOU were wrong, will you have the honor and the courage to admit you may have got it wrong insted of finding a new excuse? will you right now committ that win loose or draw you have no one to blame (or priase) but your GOP leaders?

If you can do that ONE thing then no matter what happens it will be worth it and i think it will be a good thing for our nation, because if we are wrong our nation is going to be doing great, and if YOU are wrong at least you will stop blaming everyone but your own party and leaders for it and MAYBE you will stop viewing liberasl as enemies and then we can fix whatever happens.

And to R. Edwards who replied with the following, I hope we are wrong.

Great post but it would NEVER happen.

And this is the fundamental difference and problem with American progressives. They simply can’t/won’t accept that, for todays so called conservatives, it’s a zero sum war. No olive branch has worked or will work, ever.

It really cranked up with Newt Gingrich and has only gotten worse. In the end we will fight amongst ourselves, becoming weaker and weaker in the process, until America is quietly signed away to China or Russia. And these same people will scream and blame liberals for not stopping their self destruction..

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