To all of you Bernie crazies out there who want to blame Hillary for losing to Trump because Bernie “would have won”, get you head out of your ass and SHUT UP!

Bernie IS the reason Hillary lost. He started all of the anti-establishment crap that made people hate on her more and more and the Trump campaign USED that hate of the establishment and built on it and stirred it up in every American. BERNIE is part of the establishment! He does fundraisers to raise money for the party! EVERY politician does.

And Trump is part of the establishment. This whole anti-establishment movement is ridiculous to put on just a presidential candidate because if elected, they ARE the establishment. They have to work within the establishment.

So congratulations to all you Bernie supporters who just gave the election to the worst establishment that will ever exist in our lifetimes in America. YOU are stupid to think that voting against Hillary would accomplish your protest and show your voice. All you did was create a worse establishment.

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