I really can’t believe how well Trump can play people. It is a phenomenon that has taken over not only people in America, but also leaders and the media.

All he had to do was say “the media is rigged”, “the media is rigging this election for Hillary”, and continue to blame the media after his bus fiasco, and threaten to sue EVERYONE who is not supporting him and following him like a minion, and they just fall right into place. The news, even CNN and MSNBC who I thought were reliable sources showing both sides, have fallen into the trap. They are putting more Trump supporters on the panel, letting them spew out lies without questioning them on the falsehoods. They are specifically trying to force both sides to appear as equal. It is not the medias place to even things out. It is their place to report the truth. Please talk about why Trump hasn’t put out his tax returns. Please talk about the fact that instead of running the country, his first days in office will be about suing women who have made claims against him. Please talk about how he will be focused still on his families businesses after the election, even thought he claims he is putting it in the hands of his children. I mean honestly, from a man who is meets all of the checkboxes for a narcists and a tyrant, is he capable of letting someone else make the decisions for his businesses?

The media is rigging the election in favor of Trump. He has been manipulating the media since day 1. His narcistic blaming attitude has made headlines. His bad behavior has made headlines. His making excuses and promises have made headlines. And when those headlines worked for him, he didn’t complain. When it works against him, he won’t shut up about suing, and calling the media rigged, and blaming EVERYONE who is not standing behind him.

Oh, and please ask the Trump supporters “since when is opening your mouth and spewing out whatever is in your head a good thing”? I think everyone with any kind of class of consideration of others would never think that is a good thing. I think that most of us were taught as a very young child that it is not nice to say mean things. In fact, schools will call that bullying and it is something that is not tolerated. Yet Trump supporters still think that it is a good thing in the person who will be leading our country? Why, because he will put other leaders in their place? Since when has someone putting you in your place made you want to work with them and do what they want? Ever? No, if a boss or partner treated you like that, you would quit. If a boyfriend or girlfriend treated you like that, you would leave them. No one wants to be put in their place and listen to someone saying mean things about them. So since when would that be good for someone running out country? NEVER.

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