I grew up in a typical middle class family of the 70’s and 80’s in that dad went to work at a steel company, 9-5 M-F and mom stayed home and took care of the kids and the house. Being very religious, my mother taught us the values of right and wrong, good values vs. bad values.

We grew up in middle to upper class area and felt more privileged then most of our friends. Today, most of us are struggling to pay our bills. This didn’t happen from the last 8 years. This was a trickle effect that has been brewing in our country and around the world since these greedy business owners have been keeping salaries low, providing less benefits to employees, and finding loopholes in taxes and the law so that they can horde millions/billions in profits. This didn’t happen just in the past 8 years! This has been happening and escalating since the Reagan administration. People like Trump have been able to use the laws of the country to horde money, find loopholes to not pay their taxes (guess who has to pay those taxes instead! yes you and me!), and claim bankruptcy when it benefits them (even though it hurts all the people who work for that company).

Trump is not going to fix our struggles. He is one of the greedy who is part of the reasons for our struggles.

Oh, you say he says he will lower our taxes and bring back more jobs? and you believe him? Wake up! The only reason he even ran for President is because he got tired of paying politicians who couldn’t do what he needed and as a dictator personality, he feels like if he can’t buy the favors, he can just make the laws himself! Wake up! He is not in this for us, he is in it for himself!

He has used the Republican party and is using the hate and frustrations of the American people to Sell himself as a “good” candidate. He is a brilliant marketer. He knows how to see what people want and market to them and draw out their passions. No one is hearing what he is saying other than the promises (I mean lies) that he is spewing. He sees that people want lower taxes, so he promises lower taxes. He sees that people are frustrated with the immigrant law, so he promises to build a wall. He sees that people are frustrated with jobs going overseas, so he promises to bring them back.

And YOU believe HIM? He has sold you on his promises by going after your passion. It’s like a car salesman who tells you how great a car is that he knows you already like, and convinces how you can’t do better in value with any other car, and then you get it home and realize it was all just lies and he sold you a lemon.

Oooh, did I just call Trump a lemon? Why yes, I did. Ask anyone who has invested in him and lost money. They believed, they were sold on the value, only to see him bail and leave them with losses. I truly believe that is exactly what Trump would do with this country. As President, he would try to change everything so that HE alone can make the laws and decisions (like a dictatorship). He has already shown that this is what he will do with his threats to Jail Hillary, which threatens the head of the FBI who already investigated her and said she was not guilty. He has already shown that he will not listen to anyone, and even stated that he doesn’t need to consult with anyone because he listens to his own brain. Again, so many traits of a dictator. What he will do is change everything to benefit himself and his family. He will not bring manufacturers back to America. He will not create jobs. America will fall lower and harder than ever before in history as we reap the consequences of electing such a man as our leader.

This country was based on democracy. To all of you racists, prejudice, homophobic and sexists people out there, having a dictator as our President isn’t going to make those people go away. American’s won’t allow another holocaust in our own country to have people eliminated who don’t think or look the way you want.

The only thing that will save our country is democracy, love and understanding. Stop being so hateful against people, against Hillary and wake up! Trump will not save you!




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