I am in shock. I am completely shocked at the American people. I understand that you want a change, but Donald Trump is NOT the change you are seeking. If Trump is elected tonight, there will be severe consequences for EVERYONE of you who believed that a man like Donald Trump should be in charge.

You are electing a horrible man who is in it for himself. He is going to appoint more old white men who are his followers and he is going to work hard to eliminate our democracy, little by little, convincing every one of you that he is doing it for you. Then when he starts a war and your sons are drafted to die for him along with 1000’s of other soldiers, are you going to be looking back and saying “well, I didn’t vote for Hillary because 4 people died on her watch”, even though it was proven that she wasn’t responsible. Oh, I’m sure you will make excuses for Trump because as he will spew out more and more lies, and you will eat them up and believe him. As he said, he could shoot someone on the street and you would still support him.

Wait, what? You are electing a man who said that? Oh, and you are electing a man who is sexist, racist, selfish, has no values, no experience and no morals, acts like a 5 year old, and is the picture boy for the term narcissist.

Here is my prediction. We are going to lose our democracy, little by little so that you don’t realize it is happening. Don’t believe me? Well, it has already happened. He cried wolf with the media saying they were against him and he was going to sue them, for what, oh yea, reporting the things that he actually said and did. But instead of keeping on reporting all of the things that he was doing wrong and all of the bad things about him, they started showing his campaigns where he was spewing out lies about Hillary that you all were eating up. His marketing skills are off the charts. He knows exactly what to say to win people over. That is how he got rich. Not because he is a good business man, because seriously, he is not. He is just a great salesman (cough con man). He has sold America on his marketing campaign. But the loss of democracy, he took over the media reporting and got them to not promote anything bad about him. His advocates were being invited to talk on the shows more than ever before and the lies they spit out were not questioned. So he rigged the system that he was calling rigged. He took over the media and he is going to do it more. Don’t be surprised if youtube channels and media outlets start to get monitored and not permitted to report anything he does bad. He will push his people to twist the facts in his favor as he has done thus far.

He will have the supreme court, congress and will be making decisions that will hurt alot of people.

Oh, and did you think he was really going to make your lives better and bring back jobs? Wrong.

Did you think he was going to build a wall? Wrong.

Did you think he was going to stop letting jobs go overseas and was going to bring back manufacturing jobs. Wrong.

Did you think he was going to stop tweeting, saying mean racist, sexist, prejudice things? You just handed a narcissist unlimited power? Are you crazy? His ego is higher than ever and he is going to be worse. Much worse. And he is going to go after our democracy, bigly.

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