The new tax bill that the President just signed is a clear indication of what is happening in our country. It has been happening for 25+ years, but people have had some kind of democracy that has allowed us to stop it. But now we are clearly living in an oligarchy run country.

Let’s make this clear…. an oligarchy government is where the decisions are not influenced by the people. They are made by the small group of people with whom the power is held, either royalty, super wealthy, or military control.

A representative democracy is what America is supposed to be. But when the representatives are paid for by the super wealthy, and the media is manipulating the people to vote for who the wealthy want, it is not a democracy. Our elected officials do not represent the people, they represent their wealthy donors who are paying them to pass the laws they want.

The rich have taken over. These rich people hate Donald Trump as much as most of us do, but they saw him as a vehicle to get what they wanted. Control. So they have supported him. They have funded right wing conspiracies against the left. They have funded media companies to plant falsehoods in the peoples minds, including calling the real news “fake”. They are funding more conspiracies to make people follow them and believe that the left (the people who really care about ALL people), are bad. They study and know manipulation techniques and use them everyday on their Faux News channel and other media. They know how to twist the stories, how to turn anything people learn bad about them onto someone else. They know how to place blame on the other side. And they know how to make you believe they are doing whats right for you, even though there are clear facts that you will be hurt by everything they are doing. They know how to make people vote against their own interests.

Money can buy manipulation. And now they also have control of the internet. This is severely dangerous to our freedom. They will be rewriting the constitution next and making you believe it is good to live under their rule. They know that the majority of people are followers and all they need to do to get them to follow is bait them. DT did this well. He baited the racists and the people who are losing jobs and economic status. It wasn’t because he was smart enough to do it, he was being fed by Bannon and the right wing on talking points (lies) to win over the people. And then when the people starting cheering him, his narcissism took over and he indulged in the feeling of being “great”. He is just a puppet.

The real leaders of this country are the super rich who are paying politicians, buying their loyalty when funding their campaigns, and planting manipulations in the people heads through their owned and controlled media.

This tax bill is a clear example of the rich getting what they want regardless of how it affects the people and the fact that some of the people who are not rich actually think it will be good is a clear example of how their manipulation is working.

Trickle down doesn’t work! It only makes the rich, richer. Which is what has been happening since Ronald Reagan. I remember the divide between rich and poor not being so great. I remember being raised in an upper middle class neighborhood. We didn’t seem much less off then the millionaire friends we knew. But now, due to the trickle down theories that every republican president tries to sell to the people, the divide between the rich and the poor has separated us exponentially. My family is a good example of the people who are being manipulated. They still think they are among the upper class and they think they are losing money because of the Democrats wanting to help the poor. They still feel like the republicans are talking to them when they talk about helping the people who earn money and make more money. They don’t see that they are not in that tax bracket and they will be losing money and benefits on their taxes while, rather than helping the poor who need it, they are now feeding more money into the pockets of the ultra rich.

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