Today I feel like I did the day I heard Trump won the election. Completely broken. Broken in the way that everything I grew up believing in has once again been squashed.

First it was because a man who acted like a 5 year old brat and called people names, bullied people, bragged about sexual harassment and was just plain mean, all of the unacceptable behaviors we grew up knowing were wrong, became President of the U.S.  At the same time, Hillary Clinton being treated so badly, more because she was a woman then anything else, because let’s face it, what did they accuse her of that was so bad, that most other politicians (men) hadn’t done? Trumps whole team uses private emails! So seeing this incredible woman being attacked so vehemently, was one of the most disheartening things I have experienced. See, I grew up believing that we were becoming a better people, better humans, caring for others, treating others with respect, overcoming racism and sexism, learning that not everyone is like us or has the same beliefs but they are all worthy people, etc.  But Trump’s election and his supporters crushed that belief. It was like the last 40 years never happened in respect to us growing to be better people.

Then watching day by day this past year as our democracy, something I have been quite fond of, slipping away. And now, after only a year, net neutrality is the latest evidence that we are no longer in a democracy.

The fact that Trump won an election despite receiving 3 million less votes, is not a democracy. The fact that just about every decision and appointee he has named is opposed by the majority of the population, shows that we are not living in a democracy. And net neutrality is the icing on the nasty cake. With 80-90% of the people opposing the decision to end net neutrality keeping the internet fair and free for all, shows how we have completely fallen into a dictatorship and no longer have a voice.

After all, the people have spoken, shut down their website by bombarding it with requests to keep net neutrality, have called, petitioned, emailed and protested, but none of that mattered. Trump appointed the man who’s whole agenda was to remove net neutrality for the greedy corporations he is invested with. Our voices do not matter in a dictatorship where the rich pay for getting their way and the politicians follow their lead because they are getting rich by passing the laws that they want. And it is especially true in Trumps Whitehouse where he appointed unqualified, corporate millionaires and those from billionaire families to make choices for WE THE PEOPLE. But the people who are in charge now do not represent WE THE PEOPLE. They represent their own greed.

I’m disappointed, disgusted by anyone who voted for and is still supporting Trump and his agenda. Don’t you see it? You are losing everything! You are losing money, losing opportunities, losing technical advancements for our Country, losing talented people to other countries, losing tax deductions, losing benefits, losing health insurance, losing your rights, losing your freedom, losing your choices, losing all respect from other countries, losing credibility….Not to mention you are losing friends and family over your die hard support of a man who is in it to win it for himself and his family, not for you and certainly not for anyone you care about, unless you are a multi-millionaire. But hey, at least you get to keep your guns.


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