Taking away Net Neutrality is a huge loss for democracy and the American people. Seriously, what is happening when 90% of the people want to keep the internet out of the control of the Big companies to keep it free for young entrepreneurs and startups to have a chance, and the Oligarchs in charge take it away anyways.

Removing Net Neutrality is not For the People, only for the large Corporations and their super rich CEOs

When 90% of the people in America want net neutrality and fight hard for it, but the big money and executives who are in control decide they need to control our content and the sites that we see, and somehow think they need more money with all their greed and want to charge more on both ends of the internet, so they take the power away and put it in their own hands, it is a clear indicator the laws are no longer by the people and for the people. No, since lobbyist started buying out politicians to pass laws long ago, the politicians have never been on our side. They are on the side of the money.

Big Money and the Oligarchs Rule

And big money has gotten out of control in this Country. The oligarchs have taken over and no longer care about the people. These big CEOs pay little to no taxes while the American people get poorer and have to pay more. The greed of the big companies and their CEOs is despicable. They want to control the internet so they can flow traffic faster for the big companies who pay them. Small companies, bloggers and anyone who is just getting started is doomed to a long hard struggle and what will be 1000% higher levels of failure, just to try to compete with the big corps.

Failure and less entrepreneur startups will be a sad outcome of net neutrality being lost

So if you are not already a top youtuber with a steady income, or a blogger who is making money because of high traffic to your site and you have the ability to pay to stay in the fast lane, then it will be nearly impossible to compete and say afloat.  And those who are already in the higher end of traffic and making some money, have just lost part of that money to the big corps who will now be charging them to keep in the fast lane which will cause much higher levels of failure in those small entrepreneurs as well.

This is coming and it’s coming fast. The internet provider CEOs are all about control so they can make people pay to be seen.

If you think the propaganda on TV news stations is something you escaped, think again. Now with these big oligarchs in charge of the internet as well, you will be seeing more of what they want you to see online. Streaming shows that they don’t like or don’t contain their agendas will be slower. Advertisements will gear toward expanding their own agendas and brainwashing the people to believe whatever they put out.

Isn’t it interesting how they pushed this through before the November elections? What do you think will be dominating the internet? Of course, Republican agendas and lies that try to convince people that if they are in charge, they will take care of you. They will convince you that they are doing things for you when in reality, they will take more of your money, steal every single bit of freedom you have, except the right to have semi-automatics because you wouldn’t want to lose the right to go off the deep end and shoot up a bunch of people when the frustrations of being poorer and poorer each year takes hold. Go figure. But as long as the 1% and the elites are not involved, they don’t care. They are protected from everyday crimes sitting in their high towers and laughing at the control they have taken away from every dumb American who handed them control unknowingly through the mind manipulation and propaganda they put out. And with this control by the oligarchs, Americans will lose even more, work harder, earn less, pay more everything, while the 1% elite prosper and go into multi-billionaire status.

It is a serious loss of our freedom and democracy

We are headed for 50-100 years of hard times in the U.S. (how many years before Germany recovered?) as the U.S. is now an Oligarchy which means it will be almost impossible for people to take the country back. The 1% in charge will change the laws and the constitution to accommodate their agendas. When we fight back, they will put out propaganda to make us fight and blame each other rather than look at them where the real blame lies. They will put out propaganda to make the uneducated believe anything they want. Just look at Trump supporters who watch Fox news all day. They believe Fox like a religion. And defend Trump and Fox news and make excuses for their horrid behavior. They twist things around on you when you question them. They have no proof (except that Fox news and Trump said it), and even though you have proof (from about 50 reliable fact checking sources), they think you are reading fake news for your facts. This is the brainwashing that has happened and it has happened in the past. If only we as humans could be smarter than that. Hopefully they won’t go as far as Hitler before the people on Trumps side realize the hate path they are on. But when they are saying things like “democrats aren’t even people to me”, that is heading down the path of Hitlerism.

Losing Net Neutrality is a clear example of the oligarchy and control that has taken over in America since Trump became President. Instead of clearing the swamp, the swamp knew just how to control his decisions by praising him. Yep, that’s all it takes to get Trump to put you in a position of power. These oligarchs have put their people into all of the powerful positions and even if we the people fight against something, they will do what is best for their wallets. Every single thing that is being done in our country is now being done for the 1% and not for the people. Don’t be fooled by the lies that they are doing things for you if you make less then 1 million a year in income. Maybe one thing on your taxes seemingly got better, but it will trickle and you will lose what you thought you won.

Welcome to the world of a controlled internet, manipulative propaganda and an American Oligarchy.

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