Well, I have been numb for a couple days now and all I can think about is all of the people who were snowed by the con man Trump. Now you (we) are all stuck with a liar, cheater, mean, rude, narcissistic, con man as our President.

You wanted to vote in an outsider. But you voted in a person who is more of an insider with the wrong people. And guess what, he is now a politician. He has to work within the system you hate. And now that whole system is run by one side who will be able to pass laws by majority in every single area of the government. The government is now more tight then it was. You have not broken up the system, you have tightened it.

So now you have to live with the results. Get ready for the U.S. to fall hard. Get ready to give up alot of your democracy. Trump is in with the wrong people and we are about to give up all of our intelligence to him. Good job Trumpians. Not sit in the bed you made and shut the fuck up.

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