Did you ever notice how when someone is so defensive over something and accuses others for something so passionately, that they are the ones actually doing it? I have always said that the person claiming something is rigged, or someone is cheating, or the one who is crying wolf, is often the one who is doing the rigging and cheating, or at least trying to. Watching Donald Trump claim rigged election for the past several weeks has been making me sick because it seems like he is putting the message out there to his supporters to rig it.

After what happened tonight, I have this deep feeling that the election was rigged in Trumps favor. He has the Russian government on his side hacking secret emails. He has some of the wealthiest people around the world and in America on his side. These are the people who can pull off rigging an election, not Hillary’s people.

So, I’m just saying, did the pot call the kettle black?

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