This goes out to all of the anti-abortion crazies who voted for Trump ONLY because they want abortion to be abolished.

Well, to those of us who realized that Trump was a liar and a con man and DIDN’T vote for him, we got a sucker punch to the stomach when he won.

Now yours is coming….
You ignored all of your other values. Christian or not, you ignored every disgusting thing Trump did and his complete lack of values and morals, to vote him in for your ONE issue, fighting abortion. Well I got news for you and listen closely…. ABORTION WILL NEVER BE ELIMINATED. And Trump does not care about it.

So now it’s your turn to take the sucker punch to the stomach and realize that the con man you supported who has no values, really doesn’t care about abortion, isn’t going to do anything to help your cause. In fact, he is going to hurt you in so many more ways. YOU now have to explain to your children and grandchildren how your single-mindedness in focusing on one thing, blinded you to the fact that you elected a man that will hurt your children, your grandchildren, your daughters, and millions of people and guaranteed to have hurt your GOD. Because HE would not approve of anything that Trump has done. You said God will judge us for voting for HIllary? LOL. HE will judge you for singling out one issue and blinding yourself to the horrible man you just elected. Because, yes, by voting for him, YOU supported every single bad value he has, every single immoral thing he has said and done, and YOU will sit in judgement for that.

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