The whole presidential cycle and the past 2 presidents bring interesting beliefs out in people of this country. Everyone wants to blame the President, the party, or anyone they can find to blame. People are drawn to the negative and too often overlook what is good so they can keep the good and move forward. Each party wants to get rid of what the previous party or president did, but forgets the good part of it.

How can we be progressive as humans and move forward if we constantly fight each other and why? Why do we fight so much?

I have a theory. The country’s and the world’s problems are not the Republicans, not the Democrats or any Presidents or leaders. It is the Greed of the super wealthy who can’t seem to get enough. The Greed that drives when they know how much power they have when they have money.

Greed is the detriment of humanity.

The super wealthy keep taking more and widening the gap between the majority of people. and they use their wealth for power. The powerful CEO’s of large media corporations, large companies, are running the country. They are in charge of what you see, hear and read. They put ideas in your head, good or bad, about the people they want you to vote for. They control everything. They don’t care if you live or die, as long as when you live, you are feeding into their system and working for practically nothing so they can have their 10 mansions and private jets. Yes, these are the ones who are hurting you. These are the people who are greedily taking from you. These are the ones who buy the politicians so they can get laws passed in their favor so their greed and power can grow.

So next time you want to blame a politician for wanting to feed the hungry, give healthcare to the poor, or in any way help whose who are in need of help, think about the greedy and super weathly in this country who are putting the ideas in your head that doing those things is bad. They are feeding you information so that you vote in politicians that make it easier for them to be in charge and take away helping the poor so they can have more in their pockets. The money saved from helping people never goes to you, the average citizen. It goes straight to those who don’t need it.

Trump and his family are the perfect example of this. They promote wealth. They try to convince you that they are good people trying to help you. When in reality, they haven’t done anything to help anyone who isn’t in the super wealthy elite group that they are part of. And since Trump has become President, we the people are spending more money on his trips, his family’s protection in various locations and their travels, then keeping healthcare free for all would cost. These are an elitist group who thinks they are Kings who deserve to be treated better then everyone else. This is what is the problem in our society. This kind of Greed, elitism and non-humanitarianism.

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