When Christians have someone come down on them as a group, they cry “not fair” but as a humanist, I have had people my WHOLE life be “unfair” to me and say things like “oh, that person must be an atheist” whenever someone says or does something mean or wrong. It has been my experience that atheist are the nicest and most human group of people, way more so then the Christians I have met. Christians can become very defensive and mean-spirited if you disagree with their religion. Atheist are considered “mean” because they don’t agree with Christians. And that is what is not fair. The second an atheist expresses an opinion that goes against the Christian belief, Christians say they are being persecuted! They are in the mindset that if someone disagrees with their religion they are being attacked! And yet, they will stand and preach about Christianity and tell you you are destined for their (very mean-spirited) eternal hell, if you don’t believe what they believe. Have you EVER heard an atheist tell a Christian that if they don’t follow the beliefs of an atheist, they will be in a place as evil and horrible and painful as hell of eternity? NEVER. That would be unfair to treat a person that way.

Christians are the first to cry “it’s not fair” to group all Christians into one, especially now when the republican christians are setting some really bad examples. But I want you to think about how that feels. In the U.S. christians are treated more fairly than any other belief group. Yet they are the loudest about saying how unfairly they are treated. The movie “God’s not dead”, is a prime example. Christians don’t want to be taught other perspectives. They want christianity in the schools. And hey, I’m ok with that as long as every other religion is taught and science and non-beliefs are taught. But Christians would say “not fair” to that. Why? How is that not fair?


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