Gay people should not be able to have children because children deserve the right to have a mother and a father

Even though I am a straight person, I find this claim deeply personally offensive. Why? I was raised by a single mother. People often think that children raised by single parents should probably feel like there’s something missing in their lives, just like children raised by gay parents should. But that wasn’t true for me. I always felt like I was lucky compared to other kids. Because I had the Best Mom in the World and they didn’t. And when you say that children shouldn’t be raised without both a mother and father the only thing I hear is an insult to my mother. You’re saying that she wasn’t good enough. That the Best Mom in the World wasn’t good enough. And you’re wrong. My mom raised me to be a good, intelligent, and determined person. She raised me to be happy and confident in who I am no matter what other people say.

And then I think about the kids who are lucky enough to have two moms like her. The kids who have two dads who are there for them as much as my mom was there for me. Those kids are the really lucky ones. I bet if you asked those kids if there was something missing from their lives, most of them would say no too. But you haven’t asked them, have you? You’re too afraid that if you ask them you might find out that children can be happy and successful even if they aren’t raised the exact same way your children are being raised. That your way might not be the only right way.

Good parenting and bad parenting are universal. They both exist regardless of race, culture, and yes: sexuality. And while you’re out there fighting to keep loving gay couples from having children, drug addicts and alcoholics and people who have no business being parents are doing it every day. I was raised by one parent who loved me enough for two and I’m joining hands with all the people who were raised by two amazing moms or two amazing dads to tell you something you obviously need to hear: they are better than good enough. And we’re happy. And we’re still going to be happy no matter how many times you tell us we shouldn’t be. Because the truth is: good parenting has nothing to do with gender, it only has to do with love.

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