Let’s start with Paypal. I have an account for one of my businesses. The name on the account was the name of my ficticious name that was registered to my LLC. The tax # was the LLC. Paypal decided to suspend my account because the name didn’t match the tax #. I informed them that it was a ficticious name and that my website was in the ficticious name so it was better to have it that way as to not confuse my buyers. I even gave them the documentation supporting it, my license information including a snapshot of the front and back, the w-9 and just about gave them everything except blood. They went ahead and changed the account name to my LLC name and then left my account in suspension. And after 6 months, it is still on hold. Doesn’t make any sense! I was billing $300,000 a year through that account and they still couldn’t clear it up. So, I found alternatives and am now using a credit card and google.

Now onto ebay. When paypal shut down my account for no good reason, ebay had to follow suit. Even though ebay has no function of handling money or reporting tax information, they just decided that since paypal was being a jerk, they should also. So the $300,000 a year I was billing through them, they decided was not important enough to keep my account active.

So I had to physically cancel my store subscription and all the apps that were associated with my store. The funny thing (not really funny) was was that they kept billing me for the apps. I paid the bill because I didn’t want my account with them to have more issues since I planned on re-starting it in the future. But paying the bill didn’t seem to matter. 6 months later, I tried to set up my account again dis-associating it with paypal. So I re-initiated the store. And I could see that the Ki apps were still billing me every month but since I had a credit balance, they were being paid. So my account is in good standing. They had no problems charging me all these months for the app I canceled. And no problems charging me to re-start my store. But then when I tried to list, it told me that my account has issues and I can’t list anything! So why let me sign up for a store? Oh, because they can take my money just fine!

So after 4 calls of being told that my account was fine and that I should be able to list in 2 days, then in 2 days then in 2 days. A rep then tells me that I have to appeal my account to be able to list and that I should have received an email explaining it. I never received any email but no one at ebay seems to understand how to re-send the dam email that tells me how to appeal. So I still have no email. And all ebay has is a phone number that leads you to clueless reps who tell you what you need to hear, then do nothing to help you. And by ebay not accepting emails or providing anyway to contact them except by phone, they are not accountable for any contact from their customers. They can ignore and act like they are not doing anything wrong because they have no notes or physical proof of your complaint, appeal or contact.

So my question to ebay is, why? Do you have too many clients that you do not care about anyone? Why are you wasting money on clueless reps that only piss off the people who need help and make them call repeatedly and spend hours on the phone with your supposed customer service? That is a waste of your money as well as ours! Is there a reason there is no email contact? Are you just too poor to provide customer service email answers? Or too lazy to deal with it?

It is a cop out ebay. You do not want to help anyone, you just want to act like you are. A phone number to clueless, helpless reps is a waste of money and a scapegoat for you to not have to deal with the real issues.


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