Ok, so I am one of the few who are hanging in there with American Idol despite their desperate and obvious attempts to convince us that they are still popular. But I am having a super hard time wanting to continue to watch with this new format they are using. So You Think You Can Dance led the way 2 seasons ago with this format and I absolutely hate it!

So what is this format that I am speaking of? No longer is there a results show. The results are combined with the performances. And I get it, I think it probably stems from the network not getting enough people tuning in to see the results since they can see them online. At least I hope that’s why, because if they took away the results show without being forced to, that would be pretty pathetic.

What this format has done to the performance shows is completely take away the focus on performances. It is impersonal and leaves the viewers not as into the performances and feeling a little lost.

Here’s a better idea American Idol. Rather than do the eliminations and performances at the same time, why not do the eliminations first? Then we can all relax and focus on the performances. Or, hey, here’s a modern day thought! Promote your website and do an elimination clip there! Let the viewers know when you will be announcing the people on your website who are going through to next week. Then at the beginning of your show, do a 5 minute review of who got through and who went home! Trust me, people would respond AND become more involved in the show and what’s happening on the show by visiting your website to see who got eliminated. And it would allow us to put the full focus on those who got through when they are performing to try to stay in for the next week.

Get with the time American Idol, (and So You Think You Can Dance!) People are online. Use that to your advantage and get back to making a good performance show.

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