Trump has proven once again that he is a spoiled little boy who can’t stand to not get his way. He sees that he is losing and is looking to start to blame everything and everyone. He is blaming the Republican party. He is blaming Paul Ryan. He is blaming the news. He blaming the FBI. He is blaming Hillary Clinton. He is calling everyone in law and government who has made any decisions that he doesn’t agree with corrupt. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

Are you a parent who tells your child that when they lose it is someone elses fault? Or when they lose they should stir up lies and conspiracies against the other team, teacher or athlete?

Seriously people, get out of the Trump bubble and open your eyes! This is not good behavior! Schools would not tolerate it, most parents would not tolerate it in their child. Why would we tolerate it in someone who wants to lead our country?

There is no conspiracy against him. There are just people with morals and values.

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