Donald Trump is more establishment than Hillary. No, he hasn’t been a politician for the last 30 years but he has been in the arena, paying huge amounts of money to politicians, putting himself in the circles of politicians, so that he can get favors.

Now he is in charge of the whole country. All of the politicians who were in his pocket, now work FOR him. The establishment just became stronger under a man who wants everything HIS way. Not your way. He is not there for you. He is there for himself. And as he slowly turns America into an Autocracy, and we slowly but surely start to lose our democracy, he will probably still have you conned into thinking it is a good thing.

I have been quite baffled for the past year watching this con man market to every outcry in the American people. And watching you Trumpians support him because you think he is an outsider! I restrain from calling you stupid because I know most of you are intelligent, but you got taken by a con man. He is the most establishment president we will ever have and you gave him complete control.

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