The names of the top 100 people chosen for the Mars One mission, set to start colonizing Mars in 2024, has been released. When I read some of the controversy over some of the people who are volunteering, I had to sit back and say “wow-really!”

Mars One Concept from

Mars One Concept from

I mean, I agree that these people from my perspective seem a little crazy to want to go on this mission. It is a one way trip to mars, leaving earth, family, friends behind. Being so close to my family, I have a hard time with the concept of signing up for this trip.

Personally, I think being in prison sounds more appealing. At least from prison my family could communicate with me, I would get to eat real food, and breathe the fresh air that we take for granted here on earth. I would get to feel the amazing warmth of the sun on a cloudless day, and feel the beautiful breeze that is so common here in Florida. If I ran out of toilet paper, I could get more. If the power goes out, it would be fixed. If I broke my leg, I would have medical supplies and staff to fix it.

Living on Mars will be full of challenges, not to mention the seclusion that the first few will feel. I certainly believe it takes a special and unique human to want to go on the mission to inhabit Mars. And I understand their passion for going on such a mission. I appreciate that we are all different, thankfully, there are people who are willing to take risks that I would never consider. That is how we grow as humans! By taking risks and exploring and pushing the limits.

But I am somewhat spoiled by earth. I love it here. I want to help make changes that will make the earth a better place to live. I don’t believe that mars is where the future of humanity will settle nor does a future like that appeal to me in any way. We need to save this planet and stop taking for granted all of the beautiful perks of living here.



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