Okay, so we all know that it’s been a few years since the heyday of American Idol. Ratings have been dropping for years, especially since The Voice has basically stolen its fan base. But that’s not the truly tragic part. The tragic part is just how hard Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the American Idol team are trying to convince us that American Idol is still great.

Maybe they don’t realize how obvious it is to the rest of us that they are desperate. They so badly want us to love them, and it’s backfiring in a big way. It started early in the season, too. Like the laugh track they played during the auditions every time Harry Connick Jr. spoke so that we at home could understand that he’s supposed to be funny and not just obnoxious. It’s supposed to be subliminal messaging but it’s not subliminal enough to work. I see what you’re doing there, American Idol. You can’t fool me.

And now at this point in the show they’re spending most of their time trying to convince us that people still like the show. They’re spending almost more time promoting their nonexistent popularity than they are promoting their contestants. The judges are constantly talking about how great the competition is this year and Ryan Seacrest is always reminding us how important each episode is. And on top of that they now have Scott Borchetta (who, as they remind us every week, discovered Taylor Swift. You guys love Taylor Swift, remember! Pleaseee loveee meeeeeee.). Scott Borchetta is the person who they had come on to tell us that show is receiving A LOT of buzz this season. Well, thanks for telling us, but I’m pretty sure the point of buzz is that it has to be people not associated with the show who are creating it. If there was buzz, we would already know about it.

It’s kind of sad to watch a show that used to be great bite itself in the ass in this way. They’re trying so hard to prevent their demise that they’re actually helping to create it. And a show that was once one of the best shows on television shouldn’t have to die such a slow and painful death. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and accept that American Idol is over.

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