It started with the right wing many years ago, when they started putting out false conspiracy theories and started growing an audience. We didn’t notice or really care because it was all just ridiculous. Why should these crazies and their crazy news matter, after all?

Then as the economy has suffered in this country from the rich (old money elitist) and greedy taking over control of our government, obstructing any changes by a democratic president to make changes to help the people, the rich taking hold of the media and of what we see and hear, more people started looking for someone to blame for their misfortunes, lost homes, lost jobs. With the right wing throwing out blame towards a black president, more blame towards minorities “taking our jobs” and “living for free off of the taxpayers”, more blame towards the democrats, their following started to grow.

Then, enter Donald Trump. A big mouth manipulator who is a master at selling himself and his name through his charismatic personality. The worst of the racist and far right wing befriends him and starts feeding him their crazy stories. He blabs them (Obama’s birth certificate, for example) publicly and starts to gain racists followers. The very (old money) rich and elitist, and the far right wing racists, being friends and in the Trump circle, not only support his decision to run for President, but keep feeding talking points to him to gain the unhappy people in this country.

He then starts isolating his followers by blaming the current leader, the current government, and the minorities. Then he starts making his followers feel elite and deserving. Poor things, they have been so taken advantage of by the minorities. He invokes fear against certain groups (muslims) and fear that they will take not only your jobs, but want to kill you. He makes promises that if elected, he will remove the fear, bring back old jobs.

He then starts to blame the media for anything bad they show about him (even though it is real and is evidence through video and audio), he claims they are being unfair. His followers, now completely brainwashed into believing this man can make their lives better, start to mistrust the media. They follow the false media news stations because those are the ones telling them what they want to hear. They don’t want these other “untrustworthy” media sources telling them truth about their cult leader.

The media one week before election, faced with this critisism, goes out of their way to prove the opposite is true and intentionally does not cover the bad things Trump did, ignores it like it isn’t important, and instead, shows him at his rallies where he lies throwing out all of the conspiracy theories against his opponent. They show him stating any bad things his opponent has done while praising himself. They then do not clarify on the news that half of his statements were false. They leave it at that and let the watchers come to the conclusion that he is telling the truth and that what he has done wrong is not important and that it is not as bad as the opposition. So media takedown is underway.

Now in charge with a large following of people, he takes over swiftly, getting rid of anyone who doesn’t support his agenda. He continues to take down all credible media, calling all media untrustworthy, only supporting the one small segment that is not even a real media company (fox news), that is an entertainment company who goes after watchers, not the truth. But with this new leader claiming it is the only truth, his followers follow suit. So takedown of the trust in the media is pushing forward.

He puts people in charge who suggest that things like climate change is not real, and that scientists are over-exaggerating, and that it is a waste of time and money and not needed allowing him to change laws without his followers approval and praise.

He puts only those in charge who praise him and show him “loyalty”. Those who don’t are quickly fired and ostracized. With an immense amount of old money conservatives who want changes in laws to support their greed, he has support for promotions to his party candidates to get more of their party elected through the same techniques he was elected. Controlling the advertising and the media to show their candidates in the best light and change the subject away from anything that isn’t productive to get them elected. He buys loyalty.

He continues to control the media. For example, allowing the media into special sessions where each of his supported cabinet members goes around the table and praises him and falsely state how great the american people are responding to him. Each of those members had a set statement that was just for the TV audience, praising Trump. He understands marketing and media and knows how to show what is in his best interest.

His children get in on the action.

His daughter, who is perfectly prim, proper and softspoken, goes on every invited news opportunity to say how mean the opposition is and how her father and family are so undeservedly attacked, of course in the most elegant words that make her seem so angelic. A fine way to make people defend you and the person just happens to be  all of the things you are claiming his opposition to be. She is so much like her father, she has her own cult following.

His sons defend to the point of saying things like “these people are so mean, they aren’t even human”. They continually denounce the humanity of the opposition while spewing out how great their father is feeding into the minds of his followers that people who don’t follow him are “not even human.”

The hard core support of his children show his followers what in their minds is great family values, ignoring that Trump is on his 3rd marriage, cheated on the 2 previous wives openly, and has never considered being there for the kids a fathers job, only a mothers job.

To sit and watch smart people defend Trump, make excuses for Trump, show shock that someone accuses Trump of lying (when we all have seen evidence of his extreme ability to lie), if very difficult. It is the exact feeling that people who lose a family member to a cult describe. To see how the wool is pulled over their eyes and they can’t see the manipulation is the most frustrating feeling.

To see our democracy slipping away and we can’t get through to even the smartest people who are under the cultish control of the brainwashed Trumpism.

Hitler was a charismatic leader elected by the unhappy people in the country who blamed the jews for loss of jobs and the bad economy. Hitler took down the media and caused a distrust among the people to believe anything they hear. Hitler started making the majority feel that the jews didn’t matter and were a nuisance and event to the point of making people think that they were not even human and killing them was what needed to be done to get rid of them. Sound scary? It should. Because we are headed to a bad place.


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