Ok, so I hate the word hate. I have always tried to not hate people knowing that they have a reason for being the way they are. But I also realize that no matter your upbringing and privileges in life, you can change and be a better person if you want to. You can care, you can love and you can stop judging those who are not as fortunate. But with Trump, I am having a hard time not hating. Not him as much as just what he has done and is doing. He has caused such a upheaval of hate in this country. Here is my list of all the things that make him and this Trump movement so unlikable.

  1. Trump is a liar. No, not from any website that printed something about him did I get that information. It is from his own mouth. We’ve seen his interviews, videos and recordings where he says one thing and then lies and says he never said that. And it seems that NO ONE who supports him CARES! If ANYONE in your life did that, you would call them a liar because you have PROOF! WE HAVE PROOF that Trump is a HUGE liar! Stop supporting his lies!
  2. Trump is a rich bully who thinks he can treat anyone anyway he wants because he has power. Yes, these are words from his own mouth! Again, who among you thinks that is ok? Why would anyone support that behavior?
  3. Trump is a horrible business man. No, this is not a conspiracy theory. Every business he has ever started where he remained involved, failed! But he is a great marketer and a master at branding himself. He can sell ice to eskimos. And he can get investors to build really great things. And as long as he just stamps his name on it and lets someone else run it, it can do well. This is documented proof! So STOP saying he is a good business man!
  4. He is not even close to being a Christian. If you are a Christian, HOW THE HELL can you support him? He is a con man who pretends to be Christian because that is what he has to do to get you to follow him. But everything he does and has done in his life is so far from the Christianity I used to know.
  5. He doesn’t care about people. He certainly doesn’t care about YOU, unless your last name is “Trump” or unless you praise and worship him and tell him how great he is. He is a narcissist who hates on anyone who goes against him.
  6. If you think intelligence is important for the highest position in the U.S. and the world, how could you support a man who can’t speak in full sentences and have an intellectual conversation without going back to short and fragmented statements that are mostly about how great he is.
  7. And for those of you who hated on Hillary and fell into the corrupt conspiracy theories the right wing planted in your bubble, her emails? yea, Trump and his whole staff use private email servers. Why was that your biggest problem with her? Because the right wing media told you it was the worst thing ever and convinced you that meant she was corrupt so you’d vote for their puppet, Trump.
  8. He is brainwashed by the conspiracy theories of the right wing and spewing out their hate and agendas.
  9. He is taking from the needy and giving more to the billionaires.
  10. He is changing his tune on EVERY SINGLE thing he said he would do as President. Duh, since a conman never has to follow through once he makes the sale.
  11. He has stirred up so much hate and fear in this country.
  12. He is using the position of the Presidency to gain profits.
  13. He is a known womanizer who admits to treating women like sex objects.
  14. He is burning bridges with other countries.
  15. He is the pawn in the GOPs mission to pass every law that serves the white elitist.



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