I keep hearing republicans and trumpians say that they are sick of the fighting and why can’t we all just get along?

Well, the democrats have been asking that same question forever. Here’s the difference between the two sides.

When Democrats, Liberals and Progressives say “Can’t we get along and stop fighting?”

They mean… Let’s sit down and talk about the problem and come up with a solution that we can both be ok with. There is no way when we have different opinions that we will ever sway the other one to believe what we believe fully, and there’s no way either of us can have what we want 100%, but we’d like to work with you and negotiate a way so that each of us feels ok with the conclusion.

When Republicans, Conservatives and Christians say “Can’t we get along and stop fighting?”

They mean… Sit down, shut up, and just leave us to make the decisions. We will not negotiate with you because we are 100% right and everything should be the way we think it should be. So you need to change your beliefs to our beliefs and just get along.

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