I am truly disgusted and appalled by your facebook posts and verbal support of Donald Trump.

Mom, you raised me to be a better person then someone like him.

He is a narcissists, tyrant and has every single checkbox on the personality trait of both. That is a fact. He has bragged about finding loopholes (cheating) on his taxes causing us normal American workers to have more of the tax load. He has bragged about sexually assaulting women. He has bragged about being racists, prejudice and just downright mean toward people who are not perfect 10’s. And before any of you say, “where did you read that, from Hillary’s blog?” No, it is from Trumps own mouth.

Now, when you accuse the facts against Trump being all media’s fault or falsehoods from Hillary’s team, yet listen to all of the lies (yes lies, just get out of your bubble and look up the facts please)

Get out of your Trump bubble of GOP, Conspiracy Theory, Fox News and Trumps supporters, and open your eyes! Did you ever notice how when someone is so defensive over something and accuses others for something so passionately, that they are the ones actually doing it? They are the pot calling the kettle black. There is no conspiracy theory, there is no evidence that Hillary has ever committed any crime (and yes, she has been, because of the GOP starting theories against her, been investigated more than any other polititian in history) The truth is, if she is that good at hiding all of her conspiracy theory crimes, then she is truly amazing. Just saying. But she hasn’t. The minor things like her saying something different in a private speech then what she says in public, that is rediculous. I can only imagine what Trump says in private. And let’s look at his emails. You think Hillary is hiding something? Really? Where are Trumps tax returns? His is a proven liar. Hillary is simply a theorized one. If Trump said the sky is really purple, would you believe him? I think you would because everything he says is similar to that and you all believe him without question. Without looking up anything. Without taking 5 minutes to get outside of your bubble and read the truth.

I understand that you believe what you are hearing from him. That the economy is bad and needs to be fixed. That the Obama administration didn’t do much to help it and that Hillary will be much of the same. But the economy tanked during Bush’s administration and it is not something that is easily recoverable. Do you really believe that Trump can wave a magic wand and bring back jobs? Do you believe that it is right to send your daughters friend back to Mexico because her parents are illegal immigrants even though they have been here for 20 years working and paying their taxes?


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