An update to my ebay issues.

I have called again to try to figure out why they cannot resolve my issues. This customer service rep asked me for identifying information which I answered correctly. He then said I could not speak to a supervisor until I answered the security question of my date of birth. Now I know for a fact that I have NEVER added my date of birth into my ebay account. It is nowhere to be found in the ebay My Account section where you can change every security question you have entered. So I told him to ask me a different question because there is no way he has that information. He told me there were no other questions he could ask me, as I’m staring at My Account page looking at my pin and security question, which he has not asked. So I asked him to kindly stop lying to me that there is nothing else he could ask and put me through to a supervisor. He refused.

Is this what ebay has become? They will do anything to not have to deal with clients! Anything. Lie, cheat and steal my money that they had no problems charging me for my store while not allowing me to list or solve the bogus problems that they have with my listing items. I am allowed to use a ficticious name. It is legally registered. Perfectly legal.

So I am done with ebay. There are plenty of other places to list my items. I was just familiar with ebay from the past and I know they are currently still the biggest. But I would rather list on 10 other up and coming sites, then ever have to deal with ebay again. So goodbye ebay.

Hello, eCrater, Bonanza, uBid, eBid, ealtbay, and iOffer.


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