Eric Trump did call half of America, “not even People”, in his opening statement in his interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

‘I’ve never seen hatred like this. I mean, to me, they’re not even people,’ Eric Trump stated.

Ummm, Eric, have you ever seen your father and his followers and the hatred they have shown towards people? Do you close your eyes to the hatred shown daily on the news towards minorities? Do you close your ears to your fathers own statements of hatred toward Obama, Hillary and countless others? Have you looked in the mirror and recalled any of your own statements of hatred toward people who are not as fortunate as you?

There are deplorable people on both sides. But way to go in following your father’s lead in how to gaslight your followers. Keep stating horrible things about people who don’t agree with you and get your followers to believe it is true. History will show how aweful a group of people were during this time in history and you will be one of them. All I can say is….

Sad. So Sad.

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