The thing that I have been watching over the past few months, is America losing it’s democracy. Little by little, but in very big ways, our democracy is being taken away by the stronghold of the republican party and Trump. There is so much money supporting the republican party. Old money. Old white money. Old christian white money. And they have been waiting for the opportunity to take hold of this country and make things the way they want. The way the white elite think it should be. With the kings in charge and the peasants submissive to their every whim because they have no choice and are being forced into submission.

Now let me just state that I am white. And while I feel that the family I grew up with is someone elitist, I have always hated the pure whiteness of places. I grew up in Miami and my family hated all the ethnicity around us, but I loved it! And through my life raising my kids, I made it a point of looking at the racial spread at the schools to make sure it wasn’t mostly white and had a better mix of cultures. The reason? I wanted my kids to be in places that gave them a cultural mix so they could learn acceptance, learn to stop seeing race as a bad thing, and just make friends with like-minded people regardless of what they look like. And they have.

So back to the losing of the democracy and the gaining of the white elite, rich white, christian white power taking it away from us…

The indicators have been there since before Trump got elected. He gaslighted the media into believing they were being unfair by showing his negative stuff because they weren’t showing the same on the other side, while there was always the same issue about Hillary, Trump had a new one everyday. The press stopped being negative to him the week before the election. They only showed his campaign speeches bashing Hillary and not the bad stuff about him. So he controlled the media.

Dividing the people by constant manipulation and gaslighting. Raising the people up against other people, blaming those people for the problems in the country, and causing an uprising of hate toward them is another indicator.

Then when the media wasn’t on his side, he started calling the media liars. For anyone who doesn’t understand, historically, this is a clear indicator of a dictator taking over.

He fires people who don’t agree with him and puts the ass-kissers in their place.

His people who get caught either take a fall for him or they just get a slap on the hand for things others would go to jail for. Things like perjury as one of many examples.

He shuts out the true public opinion and true facts and continues to campaign himself in front of the people stating how great he is and that everything he is doing is working and things are going great, again, gaslighting the people into seeing a positive change that isn’t real.

He tweets stupid things to distract people while passing other laws that no one is paying attention to.

People, please, just look up how Hitler came into power. He was voted in by making the people think it was the jews who were causing all of their problems. Then he made people distrust the media. He fear-mongered the public and convinced them to do horrible things to those who were not “one of the elite”. Sound familiar? Trump and his Republican army is fear-mongering the public into believing muslims are bad, people in other countries want us dead, etc etc. They are convincing the followers to believe we need to kill them first! There are Trump supporters who are itching to go to war to kill them before they kill us. And you don’t have to be a “bleeding heart” to know that is wrong! In my online blogs, I talk to and blog with people all over the world, and I can tell you, the people in these countries think we want to kill them, more then they want to kill us.

We are headed down the rabbit hole. No, we are in the rabbit hole now. This is an alternate reality and not the America I know. Trump and his people are gradually taking away everything America has stood for and no one can stop them. The rich republicans have bought themselves and their people into power. The rich elitist are finally taking over and getting their way.

Unless we stop them…..

If we don’t, my prediction is…

The constitution will be re-written. The U.S. will very likely be divided and separated.

Large corporations will only become more dominant and have more control over the people while the workers will be paying all the taxes.

A war is coming both nationally and internationally.

Mother earth is preparing a battle of her own as we ignore the climate because the rich greedy bastards don’t want to spend a little extra money saving their grandchildren.

And to all of you who say “it will never happen” or “you’re just being negative” I say, it is happening and I’m just pointing out the negativity that is engulfing our country.

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