I just tried to have a discussion with a Trump supporter. I know, I know, really stupid to start one up, but this is the man who is the father of my 4 children. The man I once loved. But also the man who I realized wasn’t who I thought he was, didn’t share the same values, and was always trying to gaslight me.

But I am always curious to talk to him and hear what he has to say about what is happening. And here’s the thing…. he was like a broken record repeating what every Trump supporter is saying. He didn’t have his own opinion. He was repeating what Trump is feeding into their brains. He effectively went through everything on the Trumpian checklist.

The conversation started with the market being so high right now. I said it isn’t going to last and if I had anything in the market, I’d get out before it crashes. Though I don’t think it is going to happen now, but we are headed for some really hard times. Then I asked, are you really still on board with Trump with everything he is doing?

He rolled his eyes and huffed and proceeded to say how Trump could get something done if everyone would shut up. Ok, so first, this is a clear thing that a dictator would say. And second, since when did the republicans ever shut up when the democrats were in office? So this is both blindly supporting a dictator and being hypocritical.

Then, since one of his biggest complaints about Obama was the Obamacare and the rising cost of insurance, I said “you realize your rates are going to go up”, his response was “of course they are because Obama started us on a process that can’t be stopped so they will continue to go up”. This one floored me. Seriously, Trump has the whole government, the republicans rule the whole government now and his answer is to still blame Obama when Trump’s plan is worse and will cause him to pay more!

On the ban, in typical Trump supporter response, he said that “those people are bad people, we need to keep them out of our country”. When I said “those people? you mean the ones who are trying to make a better life for themselves, you mean the ones who are trying to live peaceful?” And proceeded to tell him that it is a very small percentage, probably much less then .1% that use the muslim religion in a bad way which is no different then the small percentage of Christians who do the same with hate crimes in America. He went on to say that “those people” think differently then me and “every one of them” wants to kill me. To which I disagreed and said no, there are good and bad people everywhere, in every race and in every religion. So now I am a “bleeding heart” because a Trump supporter said so. But hey, being a bleeding heart is better then being caught in the fear bubble created by fox news and the republicans.

On the media, in typical Trump supporter fashion, he said the media is so fucked up and that nothing they say is true, while in everything he argued with, he was believing in the right wing media and talking about things that were absolutely proven to be not true, but he stood by.

But again, in typical Trump supporter fashion, every fact I presented he responded with “what media source did you get that information from?” And every fact he had was a good hard evidence fact from the right wing media and was proven to be false. I feel like I am in another dimension caught up in opposite day where the truth is false and the lies are truth.

Then he told me how he likes a man who can take charge and start making things happen and that everyone needs to stop fighting him and let him do what he thinks needs to be done. To which I said “cough, Hitler”. Well that didn’t help his mood.

He got very heated and then started yelling by the time we got to the end of this discussion. I asked him why he was so angry. He said “because, I’m sick of all this hate. People need to just stop hating on Trump and let him do his job.” He said how anyone fighting Trump is full of hate, and we need to stop hating Trump, while in the past 15 minutes, he expressed more hate toward: a group of people, a religion, some countries, the media, Obama, and my beliefs, that’s 7 hates. And in a very typical Trumpian manner, he got very heated and angry just because I was trying to point out the other side. Yet just like Trumpians everywhere, he says that our side is full of hate because we won’t bow down to the Trumpster?

I kept my cool and did not get mad. I was just checking off all of the Trumpism traits that he was portraying and thinking about ways that I can keep our children staying open minded and loving toward people and not fall into the hate that is so clearly obvious from these Trumpians. Of course I don’t have to worry about that. I raised our children while he chose not to be around. So they got their heads on straight.

The thing that I contemplate since this conversation is, how did he get to his thought process? When we were together, he hated big corporate CEOs. He didn’t like anyone who was like Trump who was a greedy, self-serving business owner. He complained constantly about companies moving their business to other countries so that the greedy CEOs could put more into their own pockets. Yet he likes Trump?

I understand that everyone on the democratic, liberal and independent side who are against Trump wants to keep trying to make excuses for those who support him saying they are good people, etc, because these are all people we know, our family, our friends. But enough is enough. If you support Trump, if you like him, if you can overlook the bad things he says and does and make excuses for him, then you really are either blind, a white supremist, a racist, a homophobic, a sexist, or all of the above. I have family who are Trump supporters and I know they are good in many ways. But they are completely and utterly racists (even though they do not think they are), homophobic and sexist. And I am not going to excuse it anymore. Because it is NOT ok to be that way.


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