For a man who loves the day and age of Twitter, you would think that Trump would understand that “alternative facts” and flat out lies, are not going to work. This may have worked in Hitler’s day, but today, there is NO ONE LEADER who can control and stop the coverage of actual facts.

In his first day in office, his attempt to control the media came from shutting down all National Parks twitter accounts because one of them posted a picture of the crowds that was not flattering to him. But that didn’t work because, guess what Trump, just like you can tweet, the rest of the world can tweet, see those tweets, and report on those tweets. You can’t stop the truth from getting out just because you don’t like it.

Donald Trump wants to keep his Twitter so that he can have a direct channel to the people. His gaslighting techniques only work when he can convince people that his truth is the truth. And it has worked for him pretty well with some of the people in America. But know this Trump, you can try to stop the media, but We The People will always have cameras, video recorders, social media accounts to report actual facts that are happening. You can try to shut some down, but with todays technology and the first amendment in tact, We The People will NEVER be silenced.

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