Perhaps it has been too long since men and boys were drafted to go to war so people forget and don’t think it could ever happen again. Of course not, we live in a more civilized society where we can work out our differences, right?

As Donald Trump is fond of saying, “Wrong”.

Now that almost half of you voted in Donald Trump as our next President, a man who is known for rousing up and at the same time, pissing off a large percentage of people, this mother’s worst fear is giving her nightmares.

Everyone says that I am ridiculous for my fears. That there is no way we would have a draft again, go to war again or lose our freedoms. Really?

There are times in history where civilizations seemed unbreakable, but then they fell from the nation becoming arrogant, loss of morals and integrity, or a collapsing economy. Well, it seems that all of these things are present in the U.S. and I am worried. I am concerned. And I am wanting to find ways to protect my family from what could happen.


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