I’m really sick of hearing Trump supporters saying that “he is a successful business man”. Honestly, he is a terrible businessman. But, he is a marketing genius which has led him to success in his life.

His marketing genius is how he has gotten people to invest in him, buy real estate from him at high values. He is a genius at marketing his name, his brand and himself.

He is NOT a good businessman.

While I do not make nearly the money Trump makes and my business is a small business, I am a much more successful businessman then Trump is. And if you own and operate a small business, you probably are too.

I started with $0 money from any relatives. I created a brand on my own, leveraged my talents to get product manufactured, and built a distribution company and brand that nets about a half million a year. I have never claimed bankruptcy, I have never gotten a grant or borrowed money (other than credit cards) or written off any losses on my taxes. And yet I have created a company worth 1/2 million.

If you have built your own small business by yourself and have never had to claim bankruptcy, you are more successful then Trump too. So why would you vote for him?


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