I understand the passion that Americans have for wanting a change in the political system. I agree that there are so many things that need to be changed. My question to the Trump supporters is this. Do you really think that having a dictator, a man who is a tyrant, who looks out for himself and his families interest, refuses to admit that he could do wrong, and when he doesn’t get his way, stomps his feet like a spoiled child and blames others and fights back like an uncontrollable child, would be better? Would someone who is downright mean to those who are not beautiful or up to his standards (cough cough kind of like a man named Hitler), be better for Americans?

Someone who is vengeful, and brags about it…
“When someone intentionally harms you or your reputation, how do you react?” he wrote in 2007. “I strike back, doing the same thing to them only ten times worse.”

Someone who uses his power to abuse women….
Someone who like a dictator threatens to jail his opponent. (2nd debate)
Someone who doesn’t understand the political system

“I’ve been in favor of getting rid of carried interest for years,” Clinton replied. “Starting when I was a senator from New York.”

“Why didn’t you do it?” Trump asked. “Why didn’t you do it”

“Because I was a senator with a Republican president,” Clinton replied.

“If you were an effective senator, you could have done it,” Trump shot back.

Ezra Klien on Vox states, “This is, to put it mildly, not how the American political system works. Trump has always had an ambitious view of executive power, but here he showed a basic ignorance of the system’s basic functioning. Even an effective senator cannot, on their own, overwhelm a presidential veto.”

Trump and his supporters don’t seem to care that he doesn’t understand the system. They just want change and think that’s all they need to hear from Trump is that he will change the system.

Trump would change our democracy alright. He would change it to a dictatorship. He would be authoritarian and hurt you so much more. You think HIllary made mistakes. But you don’t think someone who makes about 1000 mistakes running for President will make any mistakes as President?

So all of you who think that Hillary’s emails are such a big deal (which by the way Christie has also done, one of Trumps advisors and biggest supporters), how are you going to feel about him tweeting his temper tantrums with leaders around the world?

Donald Trump is a genius marketer. He has sold real estate and made deals convincing investors and buyers to pay more then the deal is worth his whole life. Even after he goes bankrupt, hurts the small businesses and people who don’t get paid, he still gets people to take on jobs for him and invest in him. He has created a brand of his name. And he has convinced so many Americans that he has their best interest at heart. He is a marketing genius and a truely seasoned con man.

Seeing proof that 80% of everything he says is false, why would you believe that he would do anything he says? “Believe me” when someone says “believe me” without backing it up with proof, DON’T!





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