dresscolor1This crazy dress picture started an argument in my family as it has with people everywhere! When my son showed it to me, my first response was, “it is hard to tell the color because of the lighting”. It was clear that the lighting was off because of the bright background and shading.

But what I saw was a burnt orange (which on my phone, the dress picture was much more vibrant than the pictures online which looks more brown/tan to me). And the other color looked like it was probably white, though I did see a bluish tint that I figured was the lighting or reflection from the shimmering material. So I said it must be burnt orange and white.

But 3 of my children saw blue and black! 1 of my children agreed with me, but saw it as more of a white and gold. So the argument started. Being perfectionists and needing to learn more, my kids started researching online to prove me wrong. And yes, the color of the actual real dress is blue and black. But I still couldn’t see it! Not at all the way they were seeing it! And I really wanted to!

dresscolor-psSo I put on my adobe photoshop hat and went and found the picture, downloaded it into photoshop, and started clicking around. I found that the actual colors of the dress in the picture are brown/tan and light blue. The light blue surprised me because from my perception, I could see a tint of blue, but not the same shade that it showed in photoshop as it appeared much darker than I expected. But I clicked everywhere looking for black and there is none to be found.

So while the color of the actual dress are blue and black, the colors of the dress in the picture are brown/tan and light blue. No one is wrong. We just visualize things differently.

I thought this was absolutely crazy and still couldn’t understand how anyone could see it as blue and black. So I played around with the image, and came across something really fascinating and crazy! As I was changing the background and scrolling up and down on the image, I realized that my color perception changed! I saw the blue and black! But it quickly went back to the white/tan and I couldn’t figure out how I did it. So with much more analyzing, I figured it out and it is crazy!

See how to change your color perspective! This is seriously mind boggling!  Click here! 





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