When I started watching Revenge, it really intrigued me. I enjoyed the first season and much of the second season. Then came season 3. I was so anxious for it to start so I could see Emily finally winning and leaving the Gracins with nothing but misery. What I’d like to ask the writers is, what happened?

Everything stepped backwards. Instead of moving forward, it seems the writers wanted to get back to season 1 and bring back the initial feelings of revenge. Yet, now it is Emily who has lost so much and instead of moving forward, the writers frustrated most of us by making her life even worse and having her behave stupidly.

Let’s review the stupidity of what happened in season 3 in this show…

  • The “initiative”. What happened to this big initiative? It was so much part of the plot in season 2 and then just is gone in season 3, written off as just big business people joining to make sure they keep their millions?
  • Why would Emily have to marry Daniel to create this moment of “getting shot” and framing Victoria? She could have planned any event for that to happen.
  • How many times did Emily take down the Gracins and then give it all back to them? She bankrupts them, Conrad wants to sell the house that Victoria loves,which would be great revenge on Victoria, then Emily gives back the money in some hidden vault. Ridiculous writers!
  • Emily comes between Daniel and his mother, then allows them to form a new bond with her crazy need to marry Daniel.
  • Emily knows how much Victoria values her children and Emily brings back a long lost son of Victorias. That didn’t seem like revenge, more like a favor.
  • So, a girl that Daniel hurt and confronted early in season 1 re-appears and suddenly, Daniel feels an undeniable true love for her? Really writers? That was just poorly written in. And then Daniel hates Emily with such a vengance just because she claimed to be pregnant to get him to leave his supposed true love and go through with marrying her? That was ridiculous!
  • Then after he flaunts his affair by moving this supposed true love into his home, he catches Emily kissing someone and is able to use that against Emily? And if that was really his true love, why did he not go back and pursue her after he divorced Emily?
  • Emily gets shot and ends up recovering at the Gracins fully knowing that Daniel and Victoria would like nothing better than her to die.
  • The Gracins kill and kill again and get away with it. How many people has Victoria killed? She is just as much a killer of innocents as Conrad.
  • Charlotte and Daniel, who both wanted to escape their parents and all their problems, suddenly turn into their parents in season 3.

When writers create a show like this, they need to think past the first season. They have been grabbing at straws to try to keep the series going. After all, the name of the show is Revenge, and revenge does get old after a while. But why not give Emily some victories?

Season 4 gets even worse! Victoria has some random lost love who is killed by Conrad but whom she blames Emily for. So Victoria maliciously kills Emily’s love, Aiden to get even? She personally drugs him then smothers him to death with her own hands! This was enough to get me to stop watching the show. How much can Victoria get away with? How can she keep coming back around to being on top? The writers have written her character to be so brutal, and so hated, but likable in some weird way.

I think Aiden was Emilys true love, not Jack. She fit with Aiden. He knew her so well and not only protected her, but was her teammate as well as a passionate lover. Jack is more like a brother to her. The writers should not have written Aiden off in such a pathetic way. And to those who think the writers should end with her and Jack as a couple? I say no. That would just be weird.

So what’s left? Emily’s dad, who is suddenly still alive? He has certainly been through enough. And Nolan. Oh Nolan. We all love Nolan. Please writers Pleeeeeease! Don’t hurt Nolan! Let him continue to be the king he has always been. The brainiac and the  untouchable. Please don’t ruin him! You have messed up enough. Please let him live on as our hero!




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