I find facebook to be an interesting media in today’s society and at the same time, the cause of so many problems with people not communicating.

Here is an example:

Facebook Friend of friend posts about being a Liberal Christian and how “unfair” it is that she is being treated like one of the Bad Christians and being lumped into that group.

I responded and said that Christians tend to cry that they are being treated unfairly when in fact, in the U.S., Christians are the least persecuted group. I also said, in response to another reply, that unfriending atheist just because they have a different opinion, is not the way to get along.

She responded and said that she had no problems with atheist, then started saying how “them” (referring to atheist) never get unfriended unless they attack her.

I responded with this:

Do you feel that when an atheist expresses an opinion that you are being attacked? Because in my experience, Christians tend to feel they are personally being attacked when an atheist expresses an opinion about not being religious or believing in their Christian faith.

Following every Christian I have ever know, by stating my opinion, I guess she felt I was attacking her and she did exactly what I stated every Christian I know does….

She Blocked me….

From my experience, Christians truly can’t stand to hear opposing opinions so they just click “block” and stay in their bubble.

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