Everytime I see or hear stories about Steve Bannon, the thing that comes to mind is that his life must be horrible. To go through life carrying so much hate, creating animosity among people and even within his own family, it has to be a horrible way to live.

This Article from The New Yorker goes through his past and how he basically has lived in the spirit of control “my way or the highway” and abusive with his family, how he has lived in hate, hating on Jews, Blacks, Women and anyone who is not among the white men. And his biggest success in life came from the luck of a company that he wanted out of and was convinced to stay part of started Seinfeld, where Bannon made a huge profit. Pretty ironic since Bannon hates Jews.

And to make a career out of hate where everything you do if focused on your hate toward Hillary Clinton and President Obama and constantly putting out conspiracy theories to prove that your hate is validated, seems miserable. This also shows how the man goes through life living in fear. Fear of losing his white supremist control, fear of women, fear of blacks being better then him, fear of not being right, fear of his horrible insides being exposed.

The man can make lots of money and achieve financial success despite his failures and I don’t think he will ever be truly successful person because he will never truly be happy. How sad it must be to go through life in such a horribly unloving way.  My advise to Steve Bannon and all Republicans who are living in such as state of hate towards those who are not like them, take a step back, take some happy vitamins, and look at how you are living your life. The hate must surely be overwhelming. Even when you appear happy, deep down the hate is eating you alive. Every single person on this planet wants the same things you do, to be happy and loved. Stop hating people because they are different, are not as successful or fortunate, who have a different skin color or religion and you will live a much happier life.


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