So, I had a few domain names to sell and looked around at the various options. Godaddy has an auction site where you pay a 1-time low fee for a year membership and can list all of your domain names so that they come up as premium domains for sale whenever someone searches for your domain. There are other registration services that offer something similar.

Then there is SEDO, that offers premium domain names and listings are free. So you list your domain names and hop that someone goes there to search for them.

Flippa drew me in because some of my domains have a website built on them and I thought, why not try to Flip them and sell the website with the domain. Afterall, I put in the effort to build them. But, Flippa charges for even a domain name listing and even more for a website listing and has the highest percentage commission that I found. But based on their praising themselves as having so many successful sales, I thought I’d give it a try.

Here’s what happened. I listed 2 domain names ($9) and 1 website with domain ($19) for their 10 day recommended auction. Then, after listing I went to the “recent domains” search and figured the newest would be on top. But mine were no where to be found in the top 10 pages. So I emailed them and asked what the payment was for if not one person would be able to find my domains without specifically searching for my domain name. They responded and said 1000’s of domains are being added daily to their listings and they have investors who consistently list 1000’s of domains and that can push other listings down the list at any time.

They recommended I pay for an upgraded listing that would put my listing on the home page for $99.  Of course.

If I wanted to list my domain someplace where it required an exact search to find it, it would best be put on godaddy. If you want to put it in front of people who might just be browsing, then Flippa is NOT the place to put it unless you want to spend $99 to put it up front. And even then, how many investors are paying that which would also push your listing down.

I feel like I got scammed. I paid $40 for my listings and not one of them even had 1 view! Not one! When you pay for a listing, you expect that at least it will be on the recent list where someone may view it. Or at least to be categorized where someone can browse the category. But it was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t even find my listings and I knew what to search for!

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