Everyone who knows me knows I hate horror movies. I just don’t get it. I don’t get the point. When I look for entertainment, I look for something that will leave me feeling good and happy. I don’t want images of brutality, craziness, murder, freakiness taking up space in my head. It is a waste of time, a waste of imagination, a waste of space.

So I never watched horror movies with my kids. They were not exposed to them very often. Occasionally as they became older teens and young adults, they have had friends who want to watch one and they would oblige. But they find no enjoyment from it and see how stupid it is. But their friends who grew up with it, who watch the movies at home with their parents, who are immune to the gruesomeness and scariness of them, and who think it is cool to watch something so horrible, think it is the norm and find nothing wrong with it. They grew up with it and are immune to it and think it is normal to watch someone get stabbed to death, or murdered brutally on screen, or be scared shitless.

I think this is a good analogy for what is happening with Trump supporters. Those of us who did not grow up around the horrible behaviors he showcases, the womanizing, the prejudices, the elitistness, and who did not have parents who supported that type of behavior, find it difficult to swallow. But those who grew up in households with a dad who spoke that way, who treated women as objects, who treated minorities as lazy and unworthy, see nothing wrong with Trumps behavior. They are immune to it because they have been living with it. The horrors of his behavior, of the behavior of the far right, and of the behavior of the extreme Christian republicans, seems normal to those who grew up in or live in those types of households.

For those of us who did not, we are horrified by Trump. We are disgusted by his actions. And we wish he wouldn’t take up space in our heads, wasting our precious time and resources. It is like a horror movie scene you can’t get away from. And Trump is carrying the axe.

Image Credits: DesignCrowd

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