I have read a lot of posts over the past year about a majority of white women voting for some really bad men. I have watched the media promote these women who support those same men, making other women watch and be influenced by it, regardless of the bad things the men have done. I have seen posts on facebook calling white women in America bad people and lumping us into a group of those few radical women.

The black community has been lumped together for bad things for as long as I have been alive and they are sick of it. They are putting their foot down. They are showing integrity and getting involved. We need to learn from them.

The most recent vote in Alabama shows how important your vote is and the black community there spoke up in volumes. What an inspiration they are to show up and vote and put their foot down on what is and is not ok.

I wonder how many white women didn’t bother to vote. I really think too many white women don’t vote because they don’t feel the same struggles and passion for getting involved. Yes, I know quite a few of those politically complacent women. Yet, the ones who were passionate for Moore and Trumps agenda got out and voted. I don’t think they represent the majority of white women in Alabama, only the majority who voted. At least I hope they don’t represent the majority of white women. Let’s be inspired by the black community who got involved and got out and made their vote count!

How can we inspire white women to do the same? Listen, if you don’t vote, or if you want to protest everything and vote third party, which I’m sorry to say is the same as not voting, you are allowing these bad men, men with no moral values, who care more about pushing their agenda than the people, who think they can do no wrong, yet are doing so much wrong…. you are allowing those people to be elected, which is the same as voting for them.

You need to get fed up, you need to ignite the passion as if everything that is happening to others is happening directly to you, or to your daughters, you need to get angry, and you need to vote to help make the changes that need to be made to make the world a better place that doesn’t accept sexism, racism, or intolerance of any kind.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! As a mom and a woman, someone who has sisters, a daughter, a mother, a grandmother who have all had to deal with some sexist men in our lifetimes, I am here to speak up on behalf of white women and to try to inspire the passion in the white women in America that the black women seem to already have gotten and are acting on. WE NEED TO VOTE! White women with values need to represent women better! We need to show our values and our integrity matters in who we vote for. We need to make sure our daughters are in good hands with their leaders.

Come on women of all races and cultures, don’t be complacent with voting. Let this inspire you to realize how important your vote is and get out there and vote for what is right.

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